General Info

All pets must have current shots, including rabies, core vaccines, and Bordatella (kennel cough) and be on a regularly applied flea and tick preventative such as Frontline. Pets must be well socialized and neutered or spayed by 12 months of age.  New pets will be individually evaluated and introduced slowly into the community. We do not accept ill or unvaccinated pets.

We love every single dog we meet, but even if the initial evaluation goes well there may come a time when we have to talk to you about your dog’s behavior.  Sometimes as dogs get comfortable or when they go through different stages of life, various behaviors such as humping, excessive barking, and the like begin.  Remember, this is doggie Disneyland!  For some dogs, it’s too much stimulation to handle.  It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your dog.  Some dogs just don't like this type of environment. We have to make the playground safe for every dog, so we will try giving praise for correct behavior and “no’s” and sometimes short time outs for incorrect behavior, but we have limited capability in terms of in depth behavior modification.
Cage-Free Play:  
Please remember that while we will take the very best care we can there are certain risks associated with playing cage-free.  While we evaluate every dog and require each dog to have current vaccinations, there are still risks, just as there are at the dog park, that your dog will catch a cold or get in a scuffle.  We love your dog and will do our best to make sure that neither happens.  If either does occur, your dog will get the very best care available and you will be notified immediately. We created Pomona Pets because we strongly believe that the benefits of socialization, fun and joy for your dog outweigh these risks, but we want you to be fully informed and aware of them before making the decision to bring your dog to Pomona Pets.

Typical Day:
Your dog will enjoy sunny days exploring the sniffing garden, swimming pools, sandbox, and agility equipment, and rainy days cozied up on the couches for snuggles and movies. Boarders leave their kennels early in the morning and, with the exception of nap time from noon-2, are out sniffing, lounging or playing all day with the daycare group. We switch dogs between the inside play area and outside yards depending on the group of dogs and the weather so your pup can enjoy endless exercise, socialization, and interaction all for one fixed price. Mellow options are also available for older or low energy dogs.

Daycare allows our pups to engage their minds and exercise more than they may on a hike or trip to the dog park, so while we make sure to monitor so they don’t overdo it, you may notice your dog is more tired than usual when they come home.

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