Prepare for a Stay
Check In: Please provide enough time to check your dog in and review any feeding, medication, training and/or grooming schedules.

Pick up and drop off:
Mon- Fri  Morning Session 7:30 am - Noon
    Afternoon Session 2 pm- 5:30 pm
    Closed for nap time Noon - 2 pm
  Saturday By appointment only
  Sunday Closed to humans

We will gladly accept same-day requests if we have space. For boarding, a reservation is required to ensure we have space for your dog. Holiday boarding requires a $50.00 non-refundable deposit per dog and your reservation is not confirmed until we receive the deposit. 

Online Access:
You can now schedule daycare, request boarding, make payments, access calendars, and additional information online through PetExec. PetExec is a web-based, secure portal for real-time booking, payments, status updates and more. Ask us about this exciting new tool. 

Enter your PetExec credentials below or visit PetExec
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Password:   forgot?

First time visitors…
1)     Print and fill out your Application
2)     Provide a copy of Vaccination records on your first visit
3)     Assure your dog is currently on a Flea & Tick Prevention Program 
Your application and records help us keep your dog happy and healthy while here at Pomona Pets. 
Other items/Food:
Make sure you pack any food you’d like to be fed to your dog while at Pomona Pets, as any sudden change of diet may cause your dog to get an upset tummy. We serve breakfast around 7:30 a.m., and dinner around 5:30.  Note that you may want to have us feed more food than you usually do to fuel the increased amount of exercise your dog will have while they are here. 

Pack any medications your dog is taking. Be prepared to carefully explain the medication schedule and provide written instructions for administering medication. 

Should I bring… 

Food/Water bowls?

Only if your dog is extremely picky about dinnerware.


For overnight stays, it will help your dog feel more at home if they have their own bed or blanket from home.  Pomona Pets has plenty of toys, but you are welcome to bring some additional ones to place in their kennel at night.  Please note, items may be damaged by chewing. 

Sure! We like to reward good behavior (Sit, Wait, Curb, Come and when they going into their kennels).

Items that smell like me?
If you know your dog has a difficult time with separation from you, you might want to include an item of clothing that has your smell on it.  While we won’t be able to have it near your dog all the time, it might help us to get your dog comfortable while eating or sleeping. Please don't use any items you cannot lose, though, as other dogs may insist on smelling them as well!   

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