Prepare for a Stay
Check In: Please be on time and provide sufficient time for check in, needs review, and specifics on feeding, medication, training and/or grooming schedules.  We will ask if any of your information has changed and make sure vaccinations are up to date. It is your responsibility to keep your dogs’ vaccinations current and bring those records with you. Finally, we will ask about current behavioral issues your dog is experiencing and will talk with you about our notes on your dog. All these steps help us keep your dog happy and healthy from the first introduction to the play area until it's time to go home. 

Pick up and drop off:
Mon- Fri  Morning Session 7:30 am - Noon
    Afternoon Session 2 pm- 5:30 pm
    Closed for nap time Noon - 2 pm
  Saturday By appointment only
  Sunday Closed to humans

We will gladly accept same-day requests if we have space. For boarding, a reservation is required to ensure we have space for your dog. Holiday boarding requires a $50.00 non-refundable deposit per dog and your reservation is not confirmed until we receive the deposit. 
Online Access:
You can now schedule daycare, request boarding, make payments, access calendars, and additional information online through PetExec. PetExec is a web-based, secure portal for real-time booking, payments, status updates and more. Ask us about this exciting new tool. 

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First time visitors…
1)     Print and fill out your Application
2)     Provide a copy of Vaccination records on your first visit
3)     Assure your dog is currently on a Flea & Tick Prevention Program 
Your application and records help us keep your dog happy and healthy while here at Pomona Pets. Remember, pets must be well socialized and neutered/spayed by 12 months of age.  New pets will be individually evaluated and introduced slowly into the community and we do not accept ill or unvaccinated pets.
Other items/Food:
Make sure you pack any food you’d like to be fed to your dog while at Pomona Pets, as any sudden change of diet may cause your dog stomach upset. We serve breakfast around 7:30 a.m., and dinner around 5:30.  Note that you may want to have us feed more food than you usually do to fuel the increased amount of exercise your dog will have while they are here. 

Pack any medications your dog is taking. Be prepared to carefully explain the medication schedule and provide written instructions for administering medication. 

Vaccinations: Please bring a copy of your dog's current vaccination records. All dogs must be current on core vaccines (Bordetella/Kennel Cough, Rabies), have had a negative fecal test within the last year, and be on a topical flea/tick treatment such as Frontline. Vaccinations and pest control must be completed at least 72 hours before arriving at Pomona Pets. 
Should I bring… 

Food/Water bowls?

Only if your dog is extremely picky about dinnerware.


For overnight stays, it will help your dog feel more at home if they have their own bed or blanket from home.  If your dog is used to sleeping in a crate, you may bring it. Pomona Pets has plenty of toys, but you are welcome to bring additional ones to place in their kennel at night. Please note, items may be damaged by chewing and we may not be able to wash all bedding. 

Sure! We like to reward good behavior (Sit, Wait, Curb, Come and when they going into their kennels).

Items that smell like me?
If you know your dog has a difficult time with separation from you, you might want to include an item of clothing that has your smell on it.  While we won’t be able to have it near your dog all the time, it might help your dog feel more comfortable while eating or sleeping. Please don't use any items you cannot lose, though, as other dogs may insist on smelling them as well! 

Keep in mind

Hours Pomona Pets is open M-F 7:30am-Noon and 2pm-5:30pm & Sat by appt only. We are closed on Sunday and do not make exceptions to these hours.

Charges We charge for boarding in 24-hour increments. That means if you drop your dog off at 10am and pick up at 10am the next day, you are charged for a single night of boarding. If, however, you pick your dog up later we will add a pro-rated daycare charge for the additional time. Half day daycare is $12, full days are $22 and there is no refund for early pick up.

Typical Day & Energy
At Pomona Pets, your dog will enjoy sunny days exploring the sniffing garden, swimming pools, sandbox, and agility equipment, and rainy days cozied up on the couches for snuggles and movies. Boarders leave their kennels early in the morning and, with the exception of nap time from noon-2, are out sniffing, lounging or playing all day with the daycare group. We switch dogs between the inside play area and outside yards depending on the group of dogs (and the weather) so your pup can enjoy endless exercise, socialization, and interaction all for one fixed price. Mellow options are also available for older or low energy dogs.

Expect your dog to be more tired than usual when they come home. They may exercise more here than they do with your usual hikes and dog park trips. We monitor to make sure they don't over do it, but a day at Pomona is a lot of mental stimulation in addition to physical activity and it wears them out!
Behavior & Mindset We love every dog we meet, but even when an initial evaluation goes well there may be a time when we need to talk to you about your dog's behavior. Sometimes, as dogs get comfortable or when they go through different life stages, behaviors like humping or excessive barking may begin. Remember, this is doggie Disneyland and for some dogs it's too much stimulation. We have to make the playground safe for every dog, so we will try giving praise for correct behavior and sometimes short time outs for incorrect behavior, but we have limited capability in terms of behavior modification. If your dog needs help to be here, consider speaking with a trainer about whether their behavior can/should be modified. Dogs attending Pomona Pets should possess basic doggie manners.

Please remember, while at Pomona Pets, we will give the best care we can. There are risks, however, to cage-free play. While we evaluate every dog and require each to have current vaccinations there is still a risk your dog may catch a cold or get into an altercation. We love your dog and will do our best to make sure neither of these happen. If eithe does occur, we will get the very best care available and you will be notified immediately. We created Pomona Pets because we strongly believe that the benefits of socialization, fun, and joy for your dog outweigh these risks. But, we want you to be fully informed and aware before making the decision to bring your dog to Pomona Pets.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns after your dog's stay. We appreciate the chance to discuss what's on your mind.
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